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What To Know About Your Files

Only include what you want to have printed. ONLY give artwork instructions, or anything you do not want to have printed in the slug area. Provide the highest quality image available. High quality artwork results in a high quality print. Be sure to convert all text to outlines and include PMS spot colors.



A vector file can be scaled to any size without any loss of quality. This is because it’s built up from mathematically precise points. You can see how a vector shape is built up in this image above. Vector files are good for large size printing.



Raster files are built up of small squares called pixels. This means that as you increase the size of your image, it will become blocky, or appear to be blurred. This is why a logo design should be created in vector format for the best results.

What Files are best


The AI file is the original, editable, working file. EPS files are also acceptable. Be sure to convert all text to outlines and make sure there are no raster images included in the file.

If using photoshop make sure your image is set to at least 200 PPI if you are getting them from Facebook, they will only be 72ppi. Also make sure you have the right to use all images.

Indesign Documents

When sending over indesign documentation please make sure to place it all in a folder. With all attached information


PDF format is becoming widely favoured by most designers as it can be universally viewed on any computer with Adobe Acrobat . It’s also possible to preserve illustrator-editing capabilities when saving in this format, meaning it can be opened and modified in the same way a AI file can.

Caution: Things that may not turn out as well

These file formats generally require an extensive amount of art time (we don’t want to cost you extra), if you have to do a Jpeg or such try to give us the largest size possible. We will work with what you have, but we also want the best for you.


These are basic raster images and photographs. Unless the image is of VERY high resolution, these file types require an extensive recreate.


These file types are good accompanying files to provide art instructions.


While CorelDraw is not bad, different versions can have issues, please if you can send over a eps.

Can we print anything

NO. There is sometimes many issues with copyright and trademarks. Please ask us if you are unsure, or contact your state or federal offices for copyright. We take these types of issues seriously.